Poetry with Jesse Prosser

To start things off, Jesse Prosser has agreed to share some of his writing on the Saving the 22 website. Jesse Prosser is a Marine Veteran and father of two. He’s been writing free verse poetry for several years and hopes to publish an anthology in the near future.

Jesse is a health, fitness and wellness professional, who enjoys helping people achieve their wellness and fitness goals. He welcomes reader comments via this website.

Confusion occurs,
When we don’t listen to our hearts.
Mind, fighting emotions.
Feeling lost in the dark,
The light switch is so close.
I can feel it right now.
Belief I can flip it on,
To this darkness, I will not bow.
Not finding myself,
But rather creating a future.
Making difficult decisions,
Even if they’ll require sutures.
Focused on my happiness,
But aware of those around me.
Their support holds me up,
So strong, they’ll never doubt me.
In tune with God,
Truly witnessing his work.
All the while searching my being,
Looking for my self-worth.
I know it’s right there,
Right under my nose.
I will soon find it,
This I truly do know.
I will break the mold,
That’s been cast right around me.
Time to break the cycle,
Regardless if they spite me.
Stronger than ever,
Learning this one day at a time.
Now only looking forward,
Because this moment is mine

The sun’s shining so bright.
But why am I still crying?
Life’s supposed to be happy things.
These moments are defining,
Defining of who I am.
This isn’t how it should be.
Labeling my existence,
But it’s not how I’d like to see.
Yet then I think,
Is the sun really even shining?
Or is the moon frowning?
Just like my thoughts,
It’s all just clouded and drowning.
Drowning in the hope I had,
For a better time and memories.
Yet these times of despair and hatred,
Have been nothing but good to me.
They’ve helped me learn.
They’ve helped me with bad luck.
They’ve helped me when I was at my lowest.
Always there to pick me up,
To grab my hand and tell me I’ll be fine.
To focus my anger,
On just one thing at a time.
And not lash out at others,
When I was really in time of need.
Come to think of it,
These things,
They’ve made me, me.
All this time,
I was looking for something else.
Not realizing these things,
Were the cards I’ve been dealt,
To make the best of life,
In every chance I got.
Regardless of the situation,
Persevering to the top.
Walls built up,
But to only protect you and I.
From any other demons,
Who try to catch our eye.
Believing in our hearts,
To trust only in ourselves.
Our endeavors are relentless,
Our enemies, they already fell.
Competing with only myself,
Using passion as my drive.
Now realizing this negativity was positive,
And it’s helped me change my life.