What is the significance of the website’s name?

According to a 2012 study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs approximately 22 Veterans committed suicide EVERY DAY in 2010. Some studies argue that the numbers are far less. We argue that just one suicide is too many. The number 22 has stuck with many Veterans since 2012 and it resonates with us.

How is Savingthe22.com different from other “22” groups and sites?

We don’t seek to be different. Instead, we seek to raise further awareness by sharing the many creative and productive ways we cope as Veterans. Although we’ll be memorializing our fallen brothers and sisters – whether due to suicide, combat or illness – with photos and stories, our focus won’t be solely on the issue of Veteran suicide. We’ll strive to share a message of hope and encouragement through our stories of creativity.

There are many like us – those of us who channel our pain into a variety of creative outlets. Doing so helps us to continue moving forward, one day at a time. It’s our hope that sharing our stories here will offer inspiration and hope to others.

Is Savingthe22.com for Marines only?

Absolutely not. We share stories from Veterans of all branches of the military.

How can I contribute to Savingthe22.com?

We want to hear your stories. Tell us how you’re using creativity as an outlet for your pain, frustration, depression and anger. Submit a contact form here and we’ll get in touch right away. You can also submit a story and nominate your hero for our upcoming Wall of Heroes page via this same contact form.

What types of Veteran’s creative content do you publish on the Savingthe22.com website?

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Videos (instructional, music, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Photography
  • Photos of your Drawings, Paintings, Art, Woodworking, etc.
  • Anything Creative

Additionally, we’ll also be sharing stories submitted by loved ones.

How can I help spread the Savingthe22.com message?

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to help raise awareness. Please share our message and mission with your followers so more people can get involved.